Jessica Salans for Los Angeles City Council, District 13

Election Day: March 7, 2017


Our Campaign for Los Angeles City Council District 13 is a grassroots, people powered campaign. Our platform upholds the Four Pillars of Justice: Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental.

Our goals include implementation of a Housing First policy to eradicate homelessness in Los Angeles, bringing in restorative justice programs for our schools and communities, creating a budget which reflects the needs of The People, not private corporations/developers, and moving urgently to 100% clean, renewable energy.

 We believe in bringing the power back to the people, of activating the voices of local residents to bring transformative justice to Los Angeles. We achieve this work when we band together, dedicating ourselves to a system which works of, by and for The People.

Learn more about the specific issues by clicking on one of the four pillars listed below.