Brand New Council

Jessica Salans for CD 13

Serve the Four Pillars of Justice

  • Social
  • Racial
  • Economic
  • Environmental

All human beings have the right to basic needs and dignity. Basic needs include a living wage to attain clean water, whole foods, shelter, and a community that actively cares for their livelihood. 

I, myself, am impassioned by the following:

  •  Rehabilitate our homeless and take care of those in the community who are the most vulnerable.
  • Urgently and efficiently reimagine our transportation and energy systems within District 13 to lead the way in galvanizing new technologies to become the first district in LA to go100% renewable energy. May I stress again: this is urgent. 
  • Improvement & Reinvestment over "Growth". Our community has a deep history. As we continue to shift, grow and attract new neighbors into the community, we must respect and honor what has been before us. We must balance what the people want who already live here as we also welcome new businesses and new ideas. 
  • Invest in our schools. As we enter a new era of "work", future generations need to be equipped with a broad range of "soft" tools such as creative thinking, collaboration, critical analysis, empathetic problem solving. Working with the teachers and administrators of CD13, my hope is to re-invigorate creative play and project-based learning for our youngest minds.
  • Think boldly, work collectively, act directly

Too often, even at the local level, our representatives take on the interests of big developers, corporations and wealthy donors. This is the antithesis of  a representative.

As a representative of District 13, it is my first and foremost job to talk with, listen to, and understand you- the constituents. My neighbors, my sisters, my brothers, my community.

I represent and serve as a voice for you in meetings, policy decisions and in a greater vision for our community- one that ensures a better future for generations to come.