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L.A. Historic Neighborhoods Conference

L.A. Historic Neighborhoods Conference: Growing Up with Character

Worried about teardowns and other types of incompatible development in your older or historic neighborhood? Wondering how to protect the great qualities that drew you there in the first place? If so, you're certainly not alone. People all over Los Angeles are facing similar issues, and we're here to help.

Join the Conservancy and the Los Angeles Department of City Planning's Office of Historic Resources for a day-long forum on neighborhood conservation, including presentations by experts in the field, interactive workshops, and dialogue with community stakeholders. The conference is presented in partnership with the West Adams Heritage Association. 

The theme of this year’s conference is community character, from tree-lined streets of historic homes, to clusters of older duplexes and bungalow courts, to "background buildings" in industrial neighborhoods. 

The event is open to anyone interested in neighborhood conservation and will examine a range of topics, including mansionization, historic and conservation districts, community advocacy, and the City's re:code LA initiative.

The L.A. Historic Neighborhoods Conference is for you if:

- You are interested in learning more about current issues facing older and historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, such as teardowns, mansionization, and infill development;

- You want to maintain your neighborhood’s character and to hear about new tools and ways to help;

- You live in, or own property in, an HPOZ (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone) or historic district;

- You are a current HPOZ Board member; OR

-You are interested in forming an HPOZ in your neighborhood

Far from just speakers and presentations, this conference gives you a chance to discuss and address specific issues in your own neighborhood.

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Decolonizing Foodways: Food and Identities

Join chef Nephi Craig and taste a variety of foods native to North America and learn about their cultural significance. Come discover how foods indigenous to the Americas have been healthy worldwide staples for centuries and bridge the gaps between art, culture, ceremony, and food. This program is in conjunction with LA Plaza's newest exhibition "Espejismo/Cicatriz: News Works Ernesto Yerena."

About the speaker: Nephi Craig identifies as White Mountain Apache and Navajo. He is dedicated to the research, refinement, and development of Native American cuisine and since 2011, has helped organize a yearly Indigenous Food Symposium, bringing people from different fields together to share and learn about Native foods, agriculture and landscapes.

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White People for Racial Justice

  • Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church (map)
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White People for Racial Justice of San Gabriel Valley & Pasadena

Free monthly meeting. If you identify as "white" and oppose racism, then you are welcome to join us. It's a safe space to share and process our feelings about white privilege, to educate ourselved about the system of white supremacy that perpetuates racism, and to strategize about how to disrupt all this. No religious affiliation required.

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Transformative Justice 101

  • Asian American Advancing Justice- Los Angeles (map)
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- Creative Interventions (www.creative-interventions.org)
Dignity and Power Now (www.dignityandpowernow.org)
API Equality-LA (www.apiequalityla.org)

Mia Mingus is back in Los Angeles for a Transformative Justice 101 training. This is the same as the event some of you were able to attend for the Long Beach community on March 8th earlier this year.

EVENT: Thursday, August 18, 2016, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA (Community Room), 1145 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90017
Light refreshments provided
Free parking on roof

How do we respond to violence within our own communities without turning to the police or other state systems? This teach-in will offer a basic introduction and overview to the core concepts of transformative justice and community accountability (TJ/CA). It will be a space for participants to learn about what TJ/CA is and how to begin thinking about community-based responses to violence.

MIA MINGUS is a community educator and organizer working for disability justice and transformative justice. She is a queer disabled korean woman transracial and transnational adoptee and a core-member of the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC), a local collective working to build and support transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse. She works for community, interdependency and home for all of us, not just some of us, and longs for a world where disabled children can live free of violence, with dignity and love. Mia's current project is The Living Bridges Project, an anonymous story-collecting project documenting collective responses to child sexual abuse. Her writings can be found at her blog, Leaving Evidence: www.leavingevidence.wordpress.com

"Because it is easy to hate a white police officer, but what do we do when the violence and abuse is coming from people who look like us? People we rely on? People we love? What do we do when the violence is happening inside of our homes, our relationships, our communities? Inside of our political groups, collectives, organizations and movements?" - Mia Mingus

CREATIVE INTERVENTIONS is committed to providing resources for everyday people to end interpersonal violence. Current activities center around building grassroots community capacity to create alternatives to criminal justice and service-only responses to violence. See www.creative-interventions.org for more information.


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Progressive Action For Glendale First Meeting

  • 121 West Lexington Drive Glendale, CA, 91203 United States (map)
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Let's get down to business! Join us for the first monthly organizing meeting for Progressive Action for Glendale.

We'll discuss the issues we want to focus on as group, as well as important propositions and candidates coming up on the ballot this November.

Our meeting will take place in the patio area of the Hollywood Production Center on Lexington. There is parking available behind the building, as well as in a nearby Bank of America lot.

See you on Tuesday!

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Abolition of Policing Workshop

Want to learn how to work toward eliminating the cops? Want to hear how we challenge the notion that policing keeps us safe? This workshop looks at the role and history of policing in the U.S., the way it has impacted various communities, and how people have resisted and challenged its inherent violence. 

The workshop also goes over how we can reduce our reliance on policing by highlighting the various ways that building up community strength and practices lead to true safety that does not depend on law enforcement.

Please RSVP if you can make it! crla@criticalresistance.org

Snacks and light refreshments provided (:

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Frogtown Art Walk 2016

A yearly free tour of the studios of the artists and artisans of Elysian Valley (Frogtown). 

We have a very diverse and exciting Frogtown Artwalk planned this year. 


1. The event will stretch from Fletcher St to Eads (1.3 miles along the LA River). We are also including the Bowtie Parcel across the river.
2. The artwalk will have more than 30 venues showing art. Each venue will be identified with a number that is shown on the map. 
3. There are 3 official artwalk stages with music: Marsh Park 2, Frogspot, and the Elysian Valley Community Garden at Rich Street.
4. The EVAC has sponsored 6 illuminated art installations along the LA River Path to encourage the use of the path as the primary circulation route for the event.
5. There will be a full color printed program for the artwalk with information on all the venues, artists, music and events happening that evening.


For more information: www.frogtownarts.com
Run by the Elysian Valley Arts Collective, www.evartscollective.com.

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Stop Gentrifying LA!

  • 738 South Union Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90017 United States (map)
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Stop Gentrifying LA!: A Citywide Convergence Against Displacement 

Renters' Day LA (RDLA) invites you to an important convening on Saturday, August 13th from 9:30-1pm as we seek to amp up our efforts to fight back against LA's excessive rents, evictions and continued displacement of tenants all across this City. It is our intention that this convening be a space for us to share and learn from each others' campaign efforts so that together we may begin to devise ways to escalate our tactics as we call out the perpetrators of gentrification and displacement. It is our goal to come out of this meeting with a set of unified demands in preparation for a series of public actions taking place throughout the Fall. Your attendance, voice and perspective is critical. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.
The meeting with be held at Comunidad Cambria in Pico Union.

The address is 738 S. Union Ave. LA, CA 90057. 

#RenterDayofAction #RenterPower2016 #StopGentrifyingLA

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