Our greatest national security threat is Climate Change. We must and will make Los Angeles a 100% renewable energy city, transforming our streets, and how we interact with the gifts this planet gives to us.


100% Clean, Renewable Energy

We stand with The Solutions Project to bring Los Angeles and California to 100% clean, renewable energy. (Read here)

Fossil Fuels &Fracking 

There are over 3,000 active oil wells in Los Angeles. (See map of oil wells here) We have technology that allows us to move to renewable, clean energy by 2030. We are lacking the political will to create and implement this new technology.  CD13 is committed to swift and urgent action against all oil and fracking extraction in Los Angeles. 

Clean Air & Water

Basic human rights. CD13 will work to ensure the residents of Los Angeles have clean water and air. 

Healthy Food & Local Production

District 13 will incentivize vacant lots to become food forests for the community. We will invest in our farmers markets and host nutrition classes for our residents. 

Public Lands

CD13 is dedicated to public lands, continuing to create safe, vibrant spaces for our residents. CD13 will commit to planting more trees, more native plants. This is not simply "beautify" the city, but to bring more oxygen and vibrancy to our grey, concrete streets. 

Front Line Communities

CD13 stands in solidarity with communities most affected by gentrification and environmental destruction. This includes our brothers and sisters with Save Porter Ranch and their fight to shut down SoCalGas's facility at Aliso Canyon. We hear you. We will serve you.