Our campaign's backbone is People First. People over profits. People over private business. People over corporate developers. Our budget for Los Angeles will reflect the needs of OUR streets, not Wall Street.



Housing costs continue to rise in Los Angeles. CD13 is committed to investigating how to work in tandem with landlords, tenants, renters and home owners to see how we can keep prices affordable for our residents and those who wish to join our community.

Development & Gentrification 

Gentrification is the bulldozing of family businesses and disrespect of residents who have grown up in our district and city. We can welcome new business opportunities and investments while respecting and honoring what is currently in place and what came before.

Education for All

CD13 will be a leader in reforming our education system in Los Angeles. Understanding that the work of the future will be different from we have ever experienced, with the advent of new technology, our classrooms must shift to become more dynamic. Pulling from examples such as High Tech High, Sir Ken Robinson's work, and theories of Waldorf and others, we will promote creativity, collaboration, and tactile engagement in the classroom, developing tangible life skills and tools applicable to the changing world.

We will work to make public college and university tuition free and help to alleviate students of their crippling debts.

Minimum Wage

CD13 stands with the state that minimum wage should be $15/hr.

Money in Politics

Campaigns must be reformed so they are community driven, not politician and monetarily driven.

I will not take money from any corporate or lobbying entities.

Universal Basic Income

It's gonna save us all. Check back soon.